As of November 2016, it appears that someone on FaceBook is pretending to be me. They have copied photographs from this site and are using my name ("Jon Bondy Pets"). They are claiming to be selling my african gray parrots. I have no idea what they are really up to, but that FaceBook account is not mine, I do not live in California, and I am not selling my parrots. Be cautious in dealing with these people.

Also see Vermont Rapid Prototyping where I'll be posting rapid prototyping and 3D printing stuff.

I also have a Blog at My Wordpress Blog where I post additional personal stuff.

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This web site contains information about what I do and what I like, but focuses most of the content on my reef tank, my cephalopods (octopus and cuttlefish), my mantis shrimp, and photography.

Please explore the site and let me know what you think. Want pictures of some critter I don't have here: write to me at jon "at" jonbondy "dot" com!

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If you are looking for the Jon Bondy who is a professional fishing guide, you can find him at or

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If you want to learn a foreign language, read this Rosetta Stone Review .

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