Nature Photography

Some photographs are the result of long and careful setup, with controlled lighting and composition. Others are just situations that one happens upon, recognizes the inherent beauty, and captures on film. I tend to enjoy the discovery of the latter over the preconception of the former.

Impressionist Trees

I took these photographs while sitting on a bench next to a small pond in a nature preserve. I glanced up and realized that the wind was making patterns on the surface of the water that resulted in reflections that made the trees across the pond look as if they had been painted by impressionists. I took the following series of photographs over the next fifteen minutes.


I eventually discovered that if one carefully selected the wind conditions and the background of the reflections, one could acquire almost arbitrarily abstract images through reflections.

The next two used a "palette" of a dark far shore, a bright blue sky, and some bright white clouds.

One day, I came across a bright yellow sailboat, and came up with this photograph:


I occasionally came across standing waves in streams and rivers, some of which were intriguing


Sometimes reflections and views of the underlying rocks combine to produce interesting textures.

Wet and Dry Sand

The difference in texture between wet and dry sand sometimes fascinates me.

Misty Morning

I'm not a morning person, but I did get up early one morning, and these pictures are the result