Flower Anemones

Here is a flower anemone, looking exactly like its name.

The same anemone, in a different pose. Brown button polyps can be seen over its shoulder.

Here the anemone is extruding waste products from its mouth/anus.

The same anemone, all scrunched down into a little ball.

The same anemone, standing quite tall.

Same one, this time eating part of the discarded shell from a freshly molted shrimp.

This is a different creature, with quite different coloration and uniquely shaped tentacles.

The same (second) flower anemone, sitting on the sand, with the pencil urchin in the upper left.

A close-up of the tentacles of this anemone.

This anemone rarely "stood up" on its foot, but here it is doing just that, with all of its tentacles in a cluster at the tom. Some stray pieces of gravel can be seen still sticking to the foot.