Fire Fish

This is a typical specimen, with sharp pointy ventral and dorsal fins, which are fully extended when they stop in the water column. Their yellow and orange bodies are very pretty, and you can keep more than one of them in the tank, and they often form small schools.

A purple fire fish, very beautiful. A rainford's goby can be seen in the bottom left and a yellow headed sleeper goby in the background at the top (both very out of focus).

The fire fish are very timid, rushing to pre-determined hiding places whenever danger threatens. This fish chose the inside of a pretty sea shell which a friend had given me. I was able to capture an image of the fish peering out of the inside of the shell. It is not a great shot, because it was so dark, but if you look carefully at the middle of the picture, you will see the fish head and eye, with its tail hidden at the lower left.