Maroon Clown Fish

Clown fish typically like to live in an anemone. Here we find one in the tentacles of a pacific anemone.

Another specimen peering out from the anemone's tentacles.

This anemone is a white bubble anemone. The brightness of the anemone, combined with the digital camera's intolerance of high contrast images, made it difficult to get a realistic picture: either the anemone was too bright, or the fish was too dark. Still, a beautiful anemone. Some polyps from a bubble coral can be seen at the upper right.

Another shot of the same clown fish and the bubble anemone.

This clown's pacific anemone died, and the only anemones in the tank were atlantic, so it adoped this anemone. I've offered 2-3 of the "correct" host anemones to this fish, but s/he still stays with the atlantic. Bright late day winter sun streams in from the left, making the lighting for this photograph more realistic than many of the others.