Yellow Headed Sleeper Goby

The Yellow Headed Sleeper Goby is quite a colorful character, in many respects. The most obvious one is the bright yellow head and the neon blue streaks on his cheeks.

When he arrived, he started creating a home within hours. He does this by gobbling up gravel in his mouth and dumping it outside of the cave he excavates under rocks.

Here he is with just his head sticking out of his new home, and debris spraying from his mouth.

At one point, the Yellow Watchman Goby (or Prawn Goby) [which actually looks green to me] spent some time sharing the cave, but that didn't last long. The Prawn Goby usually shares a cave with a blind shrimp, so he may have considered sharing the cave to be natural.

Here is the pile of gravel which the Sleeper Goby produced outside of his cave. The entrance is in the lower left of the pile, just behind the tip of the rightmost piece of algae. At night, the Goby would enter the cave and wriggle, creating an avalanch which closed the cave entrance for the night.