Mushroom (Soft) Corals

The latest additions to my tank are soft corals. Unlike the harder Fox, Anchor, Bubble, and Button corals, these corals are all soft. Like the other corals, they photosynthesize, and in fact they glow a fluorescent green when the metal halide lights are on. Under regular fluorescent lights, they look more brown.

Here is a Green Mushroom in closeup

Here it is again, only this time with one side lifted up. Although they appear at times to be very limp, all of the changes in structure which you see are entirely due to their "muscles": the currents in my tank are too small to effect them.

Here is a group of Warty Mushrooms. You can see the green which the metal halide lights produce.

One day, one of the Warty mushroom polyps decided to draw itself in, like a purse. I know of no special reason why this took place (like a feeding or a change in tank inhabitants or water quality).

It ended up looking like this: quite a change from a circular "leaf"!

And here it is from above. The other greenery aroud it are other Warty Mushroom polyps which had not decided to exercise in this particular fashion.