Button Corals

I purchased a second Button Coral because it is subtly different than the first. The color of the central body is a bright green, and the "skirt" has a different color and texture. Here it is "alseep", just after it entered the tank

Here it is after expanding its "skirt" for the first time.

Its central mouth fascinates me: the colors and shapes are always interesting to look at. Some of the following photos reminde me of photo-micrographs.

The two Button Corals are now side by side. They are getting so huge (when expanded, during the day) that they actually overlap each other. They are placed about 5.5 inches apart (center to center), and can get to be about 6-7 inches in diameter. Here you can see the original Button Coral lying on top of the new one. Who knows: maybe they'll reproduce?