Bubble Anemones

Bubble Anemones are so named because their tentacles often take the shape of bubbles. They are one of the creatures in which Clown Fish most enjoy living.

The first Bubble Anemone I purchased is a brilliant white. It is so white, in fact, that it is difficult to photograph. This first photograph was exposed so that you could see the base of the Anemone. It was in the process of walking across a rock, so that it could make its home in a cave inside the rock.

Here it is exposed so as to show its color better. It has its foot deep inside the rock,and is extruding its tentacles to obtain light and food.

Here it is with the Maroon Clown Fish in it. The Anemone is so bright that details in the Clown Fish are almost impossible to make out.

Here is another Bubble Anemone, this time with peculiarly colored tentacles.

Notice the whiteish bands around the bulges, along with the purple tips.

This Anemone is dark enough that the clown fish looks quite different.