Sea Apple

The Sea Apple is also known as the Violet Sea Urchin, but unlike classical sea urchins, it has neither spines nor teeth. It basically feels like a sack of purple velvet with lines of bright yellow mini-tentacles running down its sides. The yellow tentacles are tipped with suction pads, allowing the Sea Apple to climb. Here are a series of pictures of it as it "woke up" and climbed up the side of the glass.

Notice that the Sea Apple now has a "waist". This is the way that it climbs up the glass, undulating slowly as it goes.

Here it is, about 2 inches above the substrate. This all took less than 2 hours.

Here it is, from the side.

Here you can see the Sea Apple's mouth, surrounded by the crown of feeder tentacles. It slowly moves the tip of one tentacle to its mouth, then moves the tentacle away, and then moves the next tentacle to its mouth, in rotation. The deliberateness of this simple creature is wonderful to behold.