Green Elegance Coral

The Green Elegance Coral is quite beautiful. Here it is when it arrived: pretty "pooped". As with the Anchor, the Bubble, and the Fox Corals, the Elegance is mostlly bone when it is asleep. The bone, in this case, forms a C shaped bowl about 4 inches deep and 8 inches across.

Here it is when it is in full glory, under the Metal Halide lights. The greens are even brighter in person, glowing as if lit from within, fluorescing from the ultra violet light.

And a closeup of the polyps.

Kenya Tree Coral

The Kenya Tree Coral is not as specacular as the Green Elegance, but it is interesting for another reason. It looks for all the world like one of those bleached hard corals which you can buy in stores at the sea shore. The Kenya, however, is a soft coral, and expands and contracts at will. I bought it because it was a kind of optical illusion.