Opus40 is a huge work of stone masonry that took an abandoned stone quarry and
turned it into a striking 6 acre work of art. Planes of stone rise up out of
the ground and swirl around. Curved walls rise up and down and disappear.
Small pools lie at the base of curved walls. And every time you walk 50 feet
and turn around, another striking vision presents itself. It is not easy to
imagine how the creator of this work managed to keep all of the design in his
head at one time.

Opus40 is about 10-15 minutes off of I-87 about 30 minutes south of Albany in
Saugerties, NY. There is more information about Opus40 at their web site, www.opus40.org.

Here are small versions of some of the photographs I took while at Opus40. This
should give you some idea of how the place feels.

More Opus40